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Water and sewer rates are the number one issue voiced by our resident. Addressing water and sewer rates is challenging because Prairie Township Trustees have no governing authority over water and sewer utilities that operate in Prairie Township. PUCO is the governing body that oversees Aqua water and sewer rates in the western portion of the township and Franklin County Commissioners are the governing body that control rates in the eastern portion of the township.  In Lake Darby and West Point the issues started when Ohio American Water bought the plant in 2002. Shortly afterwards, Ohio American Water started filing and receiving yearly double-digit rate increases. In 2009, Ohio American Water filed multi-tiered rate increases, which would have resulted in a total increase of 325% since they purchased the plant. If the 2009 increase had been granted in full, it would have been devastating to Lake Darby customers. Steve took the lead and organized with other Ohio communities forming Fight the Hike Ohio. The Fight the Hike campaign was not only successful in lowering the rate increase but also made Ohio American rethink their business model and quit doing business in Ohio. While water and sewer rates remain high in Lake Darby/West Point, Rate increases have been limited since Aqua bought the plant in 2012

 In 2012 the Franklin County Commissioners approved a 30% increase for all Franklin County water and sewer customers. This increase put a major burden on Prairie Township residents on the County System. Steve met with each Commissioner and attended numerous Commission Meetings explaining the hardship this 2012 increase placed on Prairie Township residents to no avail. Steve also worked with House and Senate members in passing house bill 49 that would have created a regional authority to take water and sewer control away from Columbus but the governor vetoed the bill. Prairie Township is currently in negotiation with Columbus to provide water and sewer services to the eastern portion of the Township. We are currently waiting on Franklin County and Columbus to finish their negotiations on how Columbus takes ownership of the County system.

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