Fact Checks



Steve has a proven track record of being fiscally responsible with taxpayer’s money. The last 12 years have seen the township approve budgets and stay within them. Steve is the only candidate that has 12 years experience managing the Township 23 million dollar budget. Steve also has experience negotiating the last 3 Fire Union Contracts. Steve believes the last 3 contracts have been both fair to the union members and to the Township residents. These fire union contract should be very importance to township residents because 92% of property tax dollars goes to fund the Fire Department. Steve also currently serves as a Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission board member and the Franklin County Emergency Management and Homeland Security executive board. Steve is also currently chairman of Prairie Township Community Improvement Corporation and has been past President of the Franklin County Township Association.

Steve has the experience and a broad knowledge of all issues facing the township. The township voters have supported him in the last three elections and with almost 12 years in office, His knowledge of the issues involving the Township is extensive. This election has 5 candidates running for two seats. Steve believes he has represented Prairie Township residents fairly and competently during his 3 terms as a trustee. Your vote is very importance and Steve hopes he has provided appropriate leadership in areas of importance to you.  On November 7, you get 2 votes for Prairie Township Trustee. Please cast one of them for Steve Kennedy.