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Rats in Prairie Township

Rats have been here for 56 million years and it’s pretty clear they will always be with us. Rats live in borrows and I personally believe construction projects occurring in the township have forced rats to relocate. This is one reason why residents have been seeing more rats. If you see rats on your property, it is your responsibility, as a homeowner, to control them. If you remove their access to food, water, and shelter they will leave. If not it’s the homeowner responsibility to trap, poison, or call an exterminator. Franklin County Broad of Health will do a free assessment if you grant them permission to enter your property. If you believe the condition at your neighbor’s property is causing your rat issues still call the Franklin County Board of Health and also call the Prairie Township Zoning Dept. The township has a nuisance and trash policy that currently does a good job of bringing properties into compliance

Click here for township flyer on eliminating rats

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