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I personally believe in private property rights, small efficient government, and not duplicating government services. Any property maintenance code goes against these beliefs. There is a reason why most of our bordering townships do not even have their own zoning department. It’s because zoning departments are expensive to run. If Prairie Township would adopt a property maintain code, staff would have to be increased, and that would add to the current zoning budget of $425,000.00 per year.

Also Franklin County Building department handles residential building permits for properties in Prairie Township. Section 109.4 deals with unsafe residential structures. Why would we duplicate a process that the County is currently providing? 

This is the second time that a maintenance code has been a political issue in an election year. The first time was back in 2005 when that board went against the majority of residents and voted a maintenance code in. The residents filed a referendum which put it on the ballet in Nov. 2005 where it was defeated by a vote of 2377 against 1150 for.  

Do you really want to give Prairie Township Government or your neighbor, or any other resident, the opportunity to tell you when and how you have to maintain your property? This code goes way beyond current zoning regulations. This code addresses roofs, windows, gutters, porches, exterior walls and doors, drainage, decks, patios, fences, outdoor storage and so on.
Property maintenance codes might be a good thing in upper class housing developments where everyone knows what they are getting into before they buy. But imposing a property maintenance code on a township with mostly older homes, some well over 100 years old, is asking for trouble.

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